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Given a set of tests in 2 lists - expected and actual write some code to output all tests that are different or additional than those expected. What is the algorithmic complexity of your solution?

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Quickest answer is writing a basic linear search through both lists with a complexity of n^2

I was interviewing for a build and release position, and after answering many relevant scripting and SCM questions, an interviewer who ran out of things to ask asked me to in detail describe, the process for a c write() command making it to disc. I was asked to describe all of the buffering, system calls, etc.

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Write a program in any language to display columns from a text file and sort on one of the columns.

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How would you make sure and enforce that developers have written unit tests for multiple products that are all interdependent on one another.

Describe different types of packages and pros/cons of each.

Questions around Team Build customization, Custom Build Activities

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