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Senior Research Analyst Interview Questions


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Looking for adaptability to their trading style. Long/Short, Market Neutral, higher volume trading style.

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Not having had prior experience in this role specifically, but with several years of directly relevant experience in the industry and with knowledge-based expertise, this provided reassurance.

Tell me about an interesting idea or concept ?

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They asked about my thought process during an extracurricular policy project over two years ago (to be fair, it was right there on my resume)

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Describe the work you've done? .... Give examples of work. ... Describe experience working with and managing teams. ... Overview of Nielsen and the hiring process... next steps.

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I was asked about my current projects and modeling techniques ysed.

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How can you help fix the challenges we face... I was not aware of the specific challenges since they were not able to share.

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You will be grilled on your writing sample/quantitative analysis skills

You basically need to verbally demonstrate your knowledge of market research methodologies. This was a position that required previous market research skills which I already had. The same holds true for the Microsoft Office skills.

How comfortable do you feel using the phone and making calls?

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