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Juno Therapeutics
Senior Research Associate was asked...August 10, 2015

How would you define "unreasonable expectations"

2 Answers

What one person thinks of as unrealistic expectations might be different than what another person thinks. I'd ask the HR person to define or give examples or context before answering this load, subjective question. Less

I always strive to do my best at whatever I'm doing. I tend to be a hard worker, so I find that if I do my best, I can satisfy most expectations anyway. Less

PRA Health Sciences

How to overcome a difficult client.

2 Answers

Demonstrate a consistent ability to bring solitons with problems. They expect problems, it is an complex business - what they need from you is to manage that. Less

You need to show strong people management skills.

Pharm-Olam International

Describe a mistake you made at work, how you handled it, and what you learned from it.

2 Answers

Come up with your own but ahead of time. It's hard to think of a good one on the spot. Less

Trained myself and corrected the problem.

Research N Reports

What is your name?

2 Answers


Gauri Gaikwad


How to solve their bottleneck in their product development?

1 Answers

First find the potential reason then work on it.


Pitch me.

1 Answers

I laughed, not at question, but because I was confused.

Image Core Lab

about my clinical background and technical experience

1 Answers

watever i did i explain.

UMass Lowell

What have you published?

1 Answers

I have published 2 articles

BlueRock Therapeutics

Have you used automatic stereology software for cell counting?

1 Answers

Software the hiring manager referring to is still in development by the MicroBirghtField. Less


What is your weakness?

1 Answers

I answered about subject matter weakness related to the position, but said I was a good learner and eager to improve. Less

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