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Tell me a scenario that you encountered difficulties and how are you going about solving the problem

1 Answer

use 6-sigma process. Pugh matrix.

When enumerating the features to be extracted from a 3-D surface scan of composite material for anomaly detection, Curvature alone was mentioned instead of Mean and Gaussian Curvature. I was asked why didn't mention the Mean and Gaussian Curvatures.

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If I had a disagreement with a fellow worker on how to solve a problem, what would I do?

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Recommendation for type of data access technology.

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One interviewer asked me to impedance match using a Smith chart.

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Do you see yourself long term with the firm

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Tell me of a time when you had a difficult decision to make.

Degree and experience history

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It's been almost 6 years since I interviewed and can't really remember.

If I contacted your current supervisor, what would they say your biggest weakness was?

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