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why I believe I should be a chosen candidate for the position

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I have all the skills and qualifications including computer literacy that the company is seeking and also I have the experience and comfortable working with diverse populations and socio-economic groups and will work to maximize company profits.

Pretty standard. They introduce themselves and make you feel comfortable. They tell you about the job and what is expected of you to perform in this role. They ask you if this is something you feel you can do? They basically interact with you to find out more about you. They have your resume in front of them and they do go over your background and what you know as far as skills. So don't put anything on your resume unless you can truly do it. If you don't have a skill they are looking for be honest and let them know upfront. Because one thing ConocoPhillips does VERY well is TRAIN you. There are many, many on line training classes and you can sign up for many classroom training classes where you can get the help you need. Mentors as well are here to help you if you need it. Co-workers are here to help you as well. They are truly looking at you as a whole - the person YOU. They want you to feel comfortable in this job, not stressed, or feel you have to figure everything out on your own. They want you to ask for help if you need it. When I went for my interview here there was another manager there as well and instead of one job interview I got lucky and got 2 jobs to choose from. I actually was given the choice to choose between both jobs. I choose the one I actually wasn't initially there to interview for as it fit me to a tee!! And I LOVE my job! It's a lot of fun and the people I work with are wonderful people.

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Standard procedure, talk about experience on the job and how that related to the job description which I was interviewing for. No trick questions.

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