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Senior RF Engineer was asked...March 30, 2011

What will be the greatest contribution that you can ever make as an individual to your team

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coalescing my individual knowhow with overall experience that my team has makes for a well-rounded team that knows esprit de corps and can work towards success all the times Less

LCC International

In general, if you have a good experience it should be fine

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Have you been involved with international engineering teams?

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Live coding interview is done through They ask me to , "Write a function in your language of choice that takes a string containing opening and closing braces and returns true if the braces are balanced and false if not."

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I answered this way in C# private static bool IsBalanced(string input) { int balance = 0; foreach(char c in input) { if(c=='{') balance +=1; else if (c=='}') balance -=1; if(balance < 0) return false; } return (balance==0); } It worked like a charm, with minimum code, to the satisfaction of the interviewer. He tested the input string something like this: "Hello {this} is {a} test" - return true. "Hello {{this} is} {a} test" - return false. Not balanced, since you have two openning braces, "{{this}" although the count is zero. It is still considered not balanced. Next, I met RF group. Question include about RF, amplifier, 1 dB Compression Point, Third Order Intercept, Noise Figure, PIM etc. As far as S-Parameters, I don't think they know a lot about Network Analyzer, PNA or VNA, ( They don't know anything about group delay, loss slope, delay slope, input/output return loss of a passive RF device.) Next, I met the SW group. They ask typical question such as how do you write a program from start to finish. I answer first gather the requirements, then gather all the dependencies, such as drivers for the instruments, manuals, DLL etc, design architecture (block diagram, front end, backend etc..) hold discussions, meetings and reviews, before writing a single line of code.Depending if you are the solo developer or part of a team, you should be able to code, debug, release, document, train people how to use it, push to repository etc.. Anyways, after everything is said and done, expect to be discriminated if you don't fall within their little clique. Good Luck! Less

Cambridge Consultants

Tell us about link budgets

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I explained the best I could based in my experience


what is your career goal?

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I am an laboratory type engineer and i want to keep work as a designer with laboratory equipment. Less

Transit Wireless

Here are 10 RF interview questions and answers help engineers crack the Transit Wireless interview with ease.

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Question -1:What is the Return loss and VSWR? How are they related, pls. explain? Answer -1: Both return loss and VSWR is used as a measure of reflection of E-M waves over coaxial cable or RF cable or microstrip line. It gives how much power is reflected and how much power is absorbed at various points specially at terminating and source points and at places of impedance discontinuities. Return Loss in a coaxial cable having Z0 as characteristic impedance and ZL as terminating or load impedance can be expressed as follows: Return Loss (dB) = 20*Log10((ZL-Z0)/(ZL+Z0)) Where Z0= (L/C)0.5 Both Return loss and VSWR are related as mentioned in the following expression. Return loss = 20 log ((VSWR+1) / (VSWR-1)) VSWR ranges from 1 to infinity. Less


No question was difficult

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Its the lies from the recruiter...


Questions on Old Technology

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Told them i hvae never worked on them

Lockheed Martin

Do you have any Test Board Design Experience?

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I show them Power Point.

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