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Senior RF Engineer Interview Questions


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What will be the greatest contribution that you can ever make as an individual to your team

1 Answer

coalescing my individual knowhow with overall experience that my team has makes for a well-rounded team that knows esprit de corps and can work towards success all the times

how can you optimise rayeigh or rician fading in real work scenarios?

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RF design questions

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What would you do if you caught your immediate supervisor doing something illegal?

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Explain about an unknown product

1 Answer

How did you resolve conflicts in your projects ?

what is your experience in delivering wireless hardware radio platforms for mass production?

Tell about few major projects you did in your last role.

Stupid redundant questions that were embarrassing and something an entry level person should be asked, not a seasoned engineer. I felt as if the guys didn't want to do this but were forced.

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NF/IIP3/Reciprocal mixing/antenna/Modulation and .....

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