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Senior Risk Analyst was asked...March 8, 2018

About my personallity

1 Answers

If we sort the waste.


Do you have experience in Economic Capital Modelling?

1 Answers

Yes, to some extent.


How can u do fraud is u have 10k credit card details with out any other information of customer

1 Answers

can be used for subscription for net flix, coursera etc and later sell those subscription in darkweb Less

Toyota Motor Corporation

Describe the key factors that affect future resale values.

1 Answers

I explained the various macro drivers specific to certain segments/sectors, used supply, incentives, fleet pen, competitive climate within the segment, redesigns, and competitor redesigns. Less

Western Alliance Bank

Why did I apply for this position

1 Answers

I did not know how my CV got there as I never submit it for a position in their company. The next answer was that I was looking for new challenges in fulfilling why not a Manager Position. Less


You have an certificate on AWS and you have written that AWS GCP Cloud Computing is your main strength. So why do you want to change it and come to the Cyber Security domain where we do have some connections with cloud but eventually you have to start from scratch again ?

1 Answers

Well I have a keen interest towards Cyber Security because right now with the progress of technology, the risk and threats to products are increasing horribly and I would love to detect those vulnerabilities for PwC . Also I am taking this profile because I have belive in my fast learning skills so it won't be a problem. Less

The World Bank

The main trends on the market during the last three years

1 Answers

Soft market, the bottom line not yet reached, higher demand on political risk coverage etc. Less

The World Bank

Your biggest failure and/or success

1 Answers

Failure: convince the supervisor in importance of internal development of econometric model Excess: development of the internal assessment system and models that became a basis for cooperation with internal and external partners Less


Why did you chose npower?

1 Answers

Healthy atmosphere.

Commercial International Bank

Talk about the notion of risk from a money and banking perspective

1 Answers

defaults, protective measures, negative lists, screening procedures, necessary assessments and the importance of auditing from a regulative perspective with the central bank of the country. Less

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