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By the end of our discussion, I certainly knew why not USAA.

You realize if you work here, you will need to know your wines (alcohol) - from an older woman who didn't seem to take care of herself. (Past employee's name) always walked around dressed like a pornstar and had the attitude to go with it. He enjoyed the entertainment down at The Strip too much - from a big woman with a large, foul mouth and didn't seem to care or have the discipline to suppress herself.

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Mainly situational--what's you preferred way of working with software developers and any styles you use? How do you use quantitative and qualitative data to solve customer problems? Any product recommendations you can think of for the product you're interviewing for?

Most questions were specific to my experience and how I will fit into their culture. Be prepared to convince them why you want to join a mid-sized company.

What would you do during your first 30 days at Anaplan?

Tell me about a time when you had to deal with a difficult person and how did you turn that person around?

Typical questions regarding work experience.

What is one of your biggest accomplishments?

How would you approach X - tell me step by step what you would do when you come into this role. (Pretty standard stuff)

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