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How would you build and test a metric to compare two user's ranked lists of movie/tv show preferences?

2 Answers

Probably incorrectly.

1) Develop a list of shows/movies that are representative of different taste categries (more on this later) 2) Obtain ranking of the items in the list from 2 users 3) Use Spearman's rho (or other test that works with rankings) to assess dependence/conguence between the 2 people's rankings. * To find shows/movies to include in the measurement instrument, maybe do cluster analysis on large number of viewer's viewing habits.

How would you test if survey responses were filled at random by certain individuals, as opposed to truthful selections?

2 Answers

What if you find that the job is not as challenging as you want it to be.

3 Answers

how much salary are you expecting?

2 Answers

How I have handled conflicts in my work atmosphere?

1 Answer

How would you handle working on multiple projects?

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What specific things did I do when leading a recalcitrant team in the past?

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How to do the troubleshooting?

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why PPD

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