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Senior Information Security Analyst was asked...August 18, 2012

How to configure a network router from the CLI?

1 Answers

Not the responsibility of a Senior Information Security Analyst - that is the NOC team's role Less


"What are your Recommended set of actions , for a DDOS"

1 Answers

* Clistering of servers and Need to place the load balancers

Virtela Technology Services

What is difference between deny and drop on Firewall

1 Answers

Deny means the traffic dropped by the firewall, while dropped means passed by firewall but denied by server , in logs will able to see the traffic have Close Age Out Less

Virtela Technology Services

How will switch decide that the failover has happened on the ASA / firewall when the device is brought down

1 Answers

Gratuitous ARP

NII Consulting

What is the SIEM architecture?

1 Answers

SIEM architecture is how is your SIEM established inside your organisation and how the log flow from one component to other component inside SIEM. Less

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

Basic customer service questions

1 Answers

With how I've done things in the past


How long have I been in a cyber security professional?

1 Answers

1.5 years.

UnitedHealth Group

Why are you interested in this role.

1 Answers

Explained why.


Had several cyber threat examples and have me look at them and determine what was going on.

1 Answers

Hi. What was the status on the website after the interview and before getting the offer? I did the interview and the status changed from selection event to be scheduled to under further consideration. Thx a lot Less

Hewlett Packard Enterprise | HPE

What is the most important aspect of the job I am seeking?

1 Answers

Customer service.

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