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Probe fro background, competency and experience, flexibility and attitude...

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Looking for team players and not the Arrogant Know it all types that constantly criticize co workers or point out the obvious which is very aggravating and destructive to positive team environment.

Do you have any experience with AWS? AWS wasn't mentioned anywhere in the job requirements or questionnaire they asked me to fill up and submit before on-site interview.

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Questions were specific and encompassed my technical background.

My biggest surprise was that they didn't use behavioral interviewing. In this day and age, I was astonished that they were all "old-school" technical questions.

Here's a whiteboard, show me a typical three-tier application architecture with a DMZ. What kind of security controls are at each of these points, etc.

What's are the primary differences between encryption, hashing, and tokenization?

During the onsite interview I was asked some detailed technical questions to quantify my experience with specific security tools.

The manager of the department did not ask a single question that related to the job I was applying for only personal questions about my life, family, relationshipsmetc...

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