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Senior Security Consultant was asked...May 4, 2016

How many certifications do you hold?

4 Answers

Who is the recruiter?

So, summarizing: you don't hold any certification, you are blaming a software company for being a software company and not a consulting company (i don't know whats wrong with being a software company). I think you were simply not qualified to get the post and are trying to cover it. Probably the company made a deal not to hiring you. Less

Have you had the interview in the new office in the countryside (farm) mentioning the excuse of the "quality of life"? Less

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Would I have trouble traveling up to 50% of my time.

1 Answers

Absolutely not.


Basic network fundamental and then deep dive into network products along with upcoming technologies

1 Answers

Good. Interviewer threw lot of hints. Be ready for width and depth of technology. Less


What is the difference between AH and AES-256?

1 Answers

AH stands for Authentication Header, and authenticates the entire packet that is transmitted - therefore, it's in-transit - tied to IPSec - The IPsec protocols AH and ESP can be implemented in a host-to-host transport mode, as well as in a network tunneling mode. AES-256 is the symmetric encryption key algorithm (block cipher) developed by NIST which is used to protect data at rest such as databases for example, or whole disk encryption. Less


Comprehensive questions on the role and expertise

1 Answers

Broke things down holistically and top down.

Connect America

Can you work in a "multi-task fast paced environment and work on the phones for extended periods of time?"

1 Answers

I am able to work under those conditions.


Q: Tell me your passion. If you had unlimited resources where would it take you?

1 Answers

Q: Describe in explicit detail how you would penetration "X". (X being web app, internal and external networks, mobile applications, RF+WLAN, IoT, and a random thing you know nothing about) Less

ADT Security Services

So? You want to work for ADT Commercial?

1 Answers

I said I did, but requested the manager to explain why he asked that question? I told jim I liked the brand recognition and the suite of services they offered. He never clarified why he posed that question and I didn't push it. Less

What is your salary expectation?

1 Answers

They refused to tell me their salary range until I told mine. They then took my lower salary number and used it as their maximum value. Their range by the way, was $130,000 - $150,000. Less

HCL Technologies

What are the stages to implement a security architecture in a new environment?

1 Answers

1. Pre-requisite 2. Planning & Design (Backup-plan) 3. Implementation 4. Monitoring 5. Support Less

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