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Lockheed Martin
Security Manager Senior was asked...September 13, 2015

What do you think the best/worst quality of a leader is?

1 Answers

I picked one of my worst AF supervisors and used his qualities as an example of the worst leadership I have ever had, then used completely opposite qualities to provide my idea of a great leader. Less

J. C. Penney

Most were conversational discussions around strategies, leadership style, and opportunities.

1 Answers

For the most part; they were less 'typical questions' and more conversational discussions around security risk mitigation strategies (as well as challenges) and leadership philosophy / style. Some situational discussions on best practices and discussions on security program designs, concepts, & ideas. Less

Warner Bros.

What are salted hashes?

1 Answers

google it.


Why do you want to work for Microsoft?

1 Answers

Want to join a progressive company who actually cares about what happens in the world. Microsoft products are used by everyone across the globe. Helping others with these efforts has always been important to me. Less

Grant Thornton UK LLP

Q: what do you think of our HR procedures?

1 Answers

A: Rubbish!


System Design youtube with streaming data coming System Design large scale distributed data systems Security attacks, risk People management - Hiring Strategy on how to hire strong folks, more women into security industry

1 Answers

Overall, reading reviews across internet on system design and google interviews. We get scared, stunned with all comments. Its was more friendly and casual. When we prepare more and go so deep, we miss some basic concepts and do mistakes.. My failure was purely that. Less


Tell me about your information security experience.

1 Answers

I gave a 2-3 minute summation of my 25 years in information security.


What would your ideal risk management framework look like?

1 Answers

My ideal framework would leverage continuous control testing and a comprehensive unified control framework. Less


Phone interview: CV walkthrough & general background/experience. 1st face to face: More in depth information security questions including risk management, ISO 27001 & data protection. 2nd face to face: General HR style questions and cultural fit (CPO). More security, technical and scenario questions (CTO).

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