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Maybe something about distributed systems?

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I don't remember any of the technical questions.

Rank all the people you that you have talked sofar from the one you found interesting and the one you did not and why.

they have you sign an NDA before entering the floor and you may not be allowed to see the floor you would be working at as an engineer for some reason.

google hangout S: - organization overview - coding on google doc on-site A: - build a smart elevator (one of the google's interview question); code on whiteboard - how to measure one ft given three ft long, with a nice 'castaway' story L: - questions on features in the tools like yourkit, profiling & java tools H: - explain your project and some questions along the way P: - questions on java web app features that are pretty much taken care by an ide / api doc N: - total count of processes that has these functions: right,left,sendright(msg),sendleft(msg) T: - here you'd get the high level picture what company does and will do; how they do compared to the competition - time for your questions

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Give an example of a project you had that you had to learn how to implement, what were your steps in deployment of this project?

All 3 interview sets were mostly about personality fit and didn't dive too deeply into technical questions. VREAL seemed more interested in finding out if I was a good fit for the team rather than diving into the depths of specific technical areas. Each interview was more of a casual and relaxed conversation rather than a question/answer session with engineers. My previous employer is a very large, Fortune 100 company and all 3 groups asked why I wanted to change to a start-up and if I'd be comfortable in doing so.

If you have to implement a redundant system with 2 geographic locations how would you do it ?

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