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The problem statement for the other coding interview was interesting since there was some level of detail but still had some ambiguity.

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Wrote code on white board. I ended up asking lots of questions to clarify inputs and outputs with examples, and we collectively brainstormed how the solution would work out.

One of the coding interviews involved a problem from code jam competitions.

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How would you prepare somebody used to the waterfall process to switch to the Agile process?

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They provided an object array, asked me to calculate something on it.

Do you have any experience with building websites in a content management system?

What do you do if you underestimated a development task?

All about my background and work experiences

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They gave a code example about a recursion problem and asked me to write pseudo code to explain how I would write this function.

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What was my experience; how could I benefit the company with my experience.

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