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One of the question was on Designing & Code a TTL Cache with some modifications

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Write a function/method with this signature: bool MyFunc(string term, string input) {} The method should return true if the search term is found in the input string, even when there are other characters in between. Examples: "aba", "bbbbabbxxxxxxbb" returns false "aba", "bbbbabbxxxxxxab" returns true Basically, do I see an 'a', then 'b', then another 'a' before I run off the end of the input string?

3 Answers

Clone a linked list that has a cycle (do not fix the cycle). Is there a way to uniquely identify a node without relying on a hash code?

4 Answers

Write a program to remove vowels from a given string

2 Answers

Create the specified Graph, Print its nodes and edge values, then Print its nodes and edge values summed.

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Can you just program or is design and architecture good? They said did agile.

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General questions on based on your experience. Coding challenge about sorting, string processing.

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1. Find duplicate files in a folder 2. Display time on the screen as a digital clock

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Given a trie and a prefix, find the word (in the trie) that starts with some subsequence of the prefix and also has the longest such subsequence.

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Pretend that an end user is providing you with input. In this case, it's a math equation, such as (3+2)*4-1. Parse the input and display the answer.

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