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Senior Software Engineer I Interview Questions


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Software process - full lifecycle framework

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Phases of software project mgmt. Experience in each.

Syntax/Knowledge interview for C++

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What is your salary and expected salary requirements?

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Specific coding and scripting questions on Java side I was a little rusty

Priority of VxWorks threads in an embedded system.

All questions were mostly moderate but from a variety of topics to check general comprehension. Like how jvm works, or what happens when url is submitted to a browser bar?

Technical (back-end) video screen

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In person 1. Write a function that returns an array that increments every value in the array given as an argument 2. Write a curry function 3. Write a function that reverses a string so that e.g. "It is hot" returns "hot is it" 4. Talk about a piece of code 5. Write a function that implements exponentiation in O(lg n) time 6. Write a function that validates UPC codes (spec given) 6a. Now suppose an additional check magicCheck was necessary that took 1 second to execute - how would we optimize the function 6b. uppose we reached max performance for the function - how could we still increase the total number of concurrent times one could call this function?

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