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Most of the question very basic

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I dont know the reason why i did not get the success

Java Singleton questions, how to ensure it's initialized only once. High level merging two arrays that are in order. Some design questions....

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Basic C++ Questions. Such as What is Queue, Hashtable, Linked List, etc.

1. Write a code on the white board and ask you what this function is trying to achieve. In my case, it is a function to reverse an array. 2. Give you a print out source code segment and ask you to find the errors in the code. Such as missing error handle, pointer, and memory leak.

One of the question was to comment and fix a snippet of C++ code

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The most unexpected question was a confirmation on whether I was willing to travel to the place listed in the job description.

Not that the questions were difficult, but one of the interviewers was "less than seasoned" to put it politely. He seemed to be very mechanical in his interviewing style, exchanged NO pleasantries (not even a hello when he entered the room), and stared as his notes while seemingly reading predetermined questions for me to answer.

Implement undo/redo functionality for a document. Design a social network using MVC.

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