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Senior Software Engineering Manager Interview Questions


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Practically no technical questions. The questions were mostly about company culture, how I go about building my teams, and how I deal with underperformers.

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I loved the culture, as described. I build my teams by seeking out the brightest, hardest-to-manage technical folks - much easier to rein them in than to light a fire under someone else. The only underperformers I've ever dealt with were those unhappy in their roles. Moving them into roles for which they were more suited made them more productive.

Left right and center - hard tech skills, arch, design. soft skills, process, org, people mgmt.

What do you look for when hiring Engineers?

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Tell me of a time when one of your direct reports was not performing up to expectations. How did you address the situations? What was the ultimate outcome?

Asked about choices of libraries chosen for a project discussed, why one vs another - what were deciding factors?

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How would you resolve a conflict in the team (getting rid of the person is not an option)?

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Want to work here, yes. Ok.... That's about it. Tell me about your expertise. No programming questions for Senior Engineer level roles?!?!