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Senior Sourcing Specialist Interview Questions


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what makes you a good candidate for this job, how will you overcome your challenges - why should we hire you, background/drug screening/ MVR report will all be needed are you ok with first interview was at starbucks with a non hiring manager, basically to kind of just scope me out. i thought that was unprofessional at best

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i talked about my previous role and how i overcame challenges there, and gave them several reasons on why they should hire me. they did a MVR report on my as well as a reference check and second interview with one on on.

What is the most important thing in negotiation?

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We essentially have 2 distinct Sourcing roles; which would interest you more given your experiences and diverse industry background?

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What makes you think you can adjust to working here?

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Why do you want to work for us? Any weaknesses? How do handle a tough situation at work? Any achievements? Also question in respect with my background and position These were all answer in a STAR model. The panel were very professional and straight to the point, nothing intimidating. Bottom line, I would suggest be yourself and be honest as you answer the questions. Least but not last be professional. Time wise I was out after 2 hours.

To give examples in how I was able to obtain cost savings for my previous employer.

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They asked me to share more about my education and experience. It was a very-open ended interview with minimal pressure and quite casual.

What was I going to do to improve their Department?

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Tell me how many reqs you support currently and how you manage them.

Personally test: Did you have trouble keeping up with your peers socially?

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