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how to integrate disparate systems, methods and to make api calls. lot of questions on xml, devops methodologies and tools

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not so super on devops. they offered to train and trained me.

Why would you use an interface instead of an abstract classes.

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Q: Open ended questions on Multi-Threading and Threads; Difference between sempahore and mutex

1. Create a linked list and write the functions to add, delete a node. 2. Count how many ones in an integer number. 3. Reverse bits for an integer number.

=== TECHNICAL === • I was asked to implement JSON.Stringify. (ehem, ehem, creativity and novelty in the problem to ask!) • I finish that with unit tests in half an hour which later I found was working way better than all the version I could find online in random people's public github accounts. • The interviewer asked me to support recursive loops in Javascript. He didn't even have a working example and it was super-tricky to think about it -- an object having properties to point to the object itself to form a loop of "pointers" in Javascript! I modified my code to cover that too. I tested that and it worked perfect. • And guess what, the feedback (more than a week later) was that there are "some concerns about my Javascript" so they need to have a second phone interview. lol. I could only laugh! I just bailed out and canceled it. Enough is enough.

Database mapping of object programming models over several versions of code changes.

Q- How to compute whether a number is Prime or not ? Q- Basic Link List Implementation ?

some practicle scenario questions and general HR questions