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There is a body of water that starts with 1 square unit, and doubles in size every day (2 units after 2 days, 4 units after 4 days). It takes 100 days to fill up. How many days would it take to fill if you started with 2 square units?

6 Answers

100 - 1 = 99 days

This question is phrased incorrectly. I think you meant "4 units after 3 days". Which makes your answer wrong as well. This is not helpful at all.

if you start with 1sq unit - lets say you end up with 'x' amount to fill up - takes 100 days if you start with 2 sq unit - you will have to fill up '2x' amount thus it will take - 200 days.

Given a wireless channel with loss rate 0.1, what's the throughput one can get with retransmission.

8 Answers

If you could be any Linux command, which would you be?

3 Answers

The most difficult question was "If you are not hired for this position, would you be willing to accept a position one step down and work up to this one?

2 Answers

The most difficult question during the interview was “Tell me about a decision that had to be made where your team members didn’t see “eye-to-eye” on, and how did you handle it?”. This wasn’t a particularly difficult question to answer based on my background—I pulled from team experiences that I had led in the past, but can see how this could be a tricky question to answer (underlining purpose of this question is to determine if you have a “dictator” approach, if you tend to side with one group, or if you aim to bring your team together in the middle to find a compromising proposition).

2 Answers

What experience do you have with group theory and linear algebra?

1 Answer

if there exists a sequence of integers in order, and you are at a receiver and you obtain these integers out of order, how can you know which integer is missing?

1 Answer

Experience, specifics about different technologies, asked about client interactions.

1 Answer

How to deal with a difficult customer

1 Answer

What is your best attribute

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