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Senior Tax Associate Interview Questions


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What about OUM stood out to you when you were researching firms?

Why do you want to leave your current firm?

Very typical questions and just to feel out if I will be a good fit to the team. People are respectful and nice.

Why do you believe you're a good fit for the position here at Optima?

Given my background and experience, why would I be a good fit for this position?

Name a moment that challenged you, how did you overcome it? Tell me about yourself Asking to specifically explain things on your resume and to give examples

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What type of returns have you prepared? Can you give me an example of a hard return you had to complete? What do you do when you don't understand something?

About previous experiences, what kind of technical knowledge you have and many more.

They asked various questions about my previous jobs and what I knew about the company and the position I was looking for.

What interested you about National Australia Bank?

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