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How do you respond to an angry customer?

2 Answers

Respond in a calm fashion, express that you understand their frustration. take the pertininent information down, and inform them that you will speak to your manager regarding this.

and you don't care

so far related to job experienced and skills that happened in the past works

1 Answer

What mobile os have you worked on and which IDE.

1 Answer

How do you handle late breaking requirements in the software development process.

1 Answer

Why should we hire you?

1 Answer

"tell me about a time when you.... made a mistake, didn't get along with a coworker, had foresight to a problem, challenges you faced, etc."

1 Answer

How one would react in a situation with another employee

1 Answer

Module related trouble shooting skills

1 Answer

I had already been working the position for seven months; they interviewed me like I just walked in off the street, other employees should be aware and ready for this. It was unexpected that they started from ground zero.

1 Answer

How much have you delt with inventories before.

1 Answer
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