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No chit chat, All business! Ask how my products fit into the amazon cloud then started with hypothetical questions mainly about security and ddos attacks. Waiting to hear back, if they move forward, next interview will be more Personality.

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Very intense interview. No questions on how things in AWS worked. Caught me very off guard. Wish I could have a do over for sure.

How did you deal with a scenario when you did not have all the data?

Did you have a scenario where you did not have resources to complete a task and how did you handle it?

The frustration was that in-person interview was mostly questions about what I like to do on weekends, what are my hobbies, etc. Nothing related to the job and how I could contribute to the role. It felt like high school where they are picking candidates based on social/personality rather than experience. Disappointing.

A technical scenario was provided and you were asked to go as deep and wide as possible. This can be a bit of a gotcha if you do not keep this concise and on-point.

How did you handle a situation/made a decision when you did not have all the data?

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How would you go about troubleshooting a performance issue given the following architecture... ?

Describe for us your process for working through a customer issue resolution cycle and your approach to customer communication

What is a table scan? Config as a webserver. Deploy a VM to the cloud. Difference between scripting language and compiled language.

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How do you perform an upgrade of a load balanced web application with minimal customer impact?

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