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Is the platform a "relational database"?

5 Answers

It's up for your interpretation...

Yes it is, the platform is built on top of an oracle relational database.

@Gary just because the platform is built ON TOP of a relational database doesn't mean that it technically is one. It may have some similar constructs to a relational database, but it has some unique characteristics that make it markedly different, and also lacks some distinctive characterstics of a relational database. If I was interviewing you and you told me that the platform is a relational database because it was built on an Oracle DB I would give you +.01 points for knowing some relatively useless trivia about the underlying architecture and -10 points for not understanding the unique characteristics and limitations of the platform.

Why do you want to be a Technical Client Consultant and what is your career track plan?

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Q: Tell us about your background/experience

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Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

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The questions were not difficult if you made sure to review the role that you were being placed in.

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Explain asymmetric cryptography.

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What do you think about your career in five years?

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What assets do you bring to the role in terms of tools used to develop training for end users?

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Explain your experience

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1.Overall technical project architecture of last project and why designed is done in that fashion? 2. If given a chance what you could have done differently in that design and why. 3. Latest technology trends.

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