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Why do you want to be a Technical Client Consultant and what is your career track plan?

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At the time I responded at length in detail. Obviously, this is an important technical type of question where the company Regional Manager is attempting to source out your tactical and strategic plans for integrating your career motivations and expertise into a goal oriented success plan for your future starting years in the company. I stated why I valued this technically integrated role in engineering, consulting and sales over simply an engineering position at the time and why I thought my base experiences were the best for this job and where I saw myself in 5 years and how I would get there. I explained how I would excel at the first position I was starting in and how I would make it to the next position I desired at a higher management level in the company within a dynamic window of time.

Answer is too focused on you. Should turn it around to indicate what benefit there is to the company with YOU being the Technical Client Consultant and indicate how they, being as wonderful as they are, are important for your growth.

Several questions related to current limitations or associated problems encountered with some of the biomedical equipment from a customer or usability perspective (i.e. what is the biggest complaint with equipment X, why is equipment Z superior to equipment X). Additionally, technical questions related to why some new product lines will have a greater market impact from a technical solution standpoint compared to current more expensive or older biological/biomedical methods (i.e. which product do you see making an impact in the market place in this next year and why?).

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Can you create a few search queries using the Sumo Logic query language and regular expressions.

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What was your most difficult customer situation?

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Where do you see yourself in 3,6,12 months

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Tom is chasing Jerry again. Tom can run 1.5m/s and Jerry can run 1m/s. Jerry's mouse hole is 2m away. Tom runs into the couch and is entangled, getting free requires 1.5 sec. Will Jerry make it to the mouse hole? You have four min to answer, and can answer as many times as you'd like.

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installing and utilizing their vault, which is usually the bulk of the interview assessment explained in (2)

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What kernel changes or adaptations did you make to Ubuntu to make it work on OpenStack?

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Describe your worst customer experience and how you dealt with it.

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