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Senior Technical Program Manager Interview Questions


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Tell me how you would design a saving razor.

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Tell me of a time when....fill in the blank

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Amazon has decided to compete directly with Netflix. Design the system (top to bottom) that will help us win the battle.

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I was interviewed by several people over the course of a month. The main question was over methodology in running multiple agile teams, and communication methods used to communicate with other divisions of the company as well as senior management.

1) how much time you spend on technical? how much time on program management? what is ur program management style? what is a java construct? what is a field in java? say you are trying to make music content available to customers for first time, how would you go about it?

In your previous project, What was the problem? How did you solve the problem? Which leadership principle(s) are applicable or influence the solution.

There is a internal customer or consumer of your service who is not benefiting from your service improvements ,how will you convince them to use your service .

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Not allowed to share due to NDA. Just go through your own resume and map everything to Leadership Principals

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You have a service V1 , V2 has been developed recently but not being consumed this service internally is being consumed by 100 systems. How would you move from V1 to V2 from a , what will be your plan.

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