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Q: "Your CTO wants you to deliver a mobile-only app for selling produce. What is your development approach and do you have any concerns?"

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Every interviewer will ask standard boiler plate question -- If you have specific type of scenario, how do you handle it? For example, if you have difficult project that missed deadline, how do you handle it. If one person asks these kind of questions, that's okay. Five people, one after other, asked similar kind of hypothetical questions, non-stop.

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Tell me about a project you led that had the most impact

Q: Describe you toughest project and what you did to get it finished.

Tell me about a time when you disagreed on a solution with another team.

Signed an NDA so won't provide specifics. Spend most of your interview prep really learning the Amazon Leadership Principles and preparing multiple examples using the STAR template.

Asked to develop products/Apps

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How will I handle a tough/difficult situation or experience with difficult situation in projects I managed in the past