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Senior Technical Program Manager Interview Questions


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Tell me about a project that you are particularly proud of, and why?

How will I handle a tough/difficult situation or experience with difficult situation in projects I managed in the past

There is a internal customer or consumer of your service who is not benefiting from your service improvements ,how will you convince them to use your service .

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You have a service V1 , V2 has been developed recently but not being consumed this service internally is being consumed by 100 systems. How would you move from V1 to V2 from a , what will be your plan.

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Regular questions like , have you ever improved a system or service without being asked by the customer, how will handle multiple teams within the program , how did you handle unforeseen issues

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Mostly behavioral based questions and questions on your resume

basic questions around program management philosophy, agile vs waterfall, what's your toughest assignment, escalations, agile tool usage

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**Behavioral: *What kind of a personal trait do you carry as a Leader? what would you friends describe you? *Situation based questions around team handling? **Agile Scrum based: *Typical Scrum-Agile questions: Ex: Explain the scrum ceremonies, Retros: how retro actions implemented, Backlog management **Technical: * what would you do when a released function performance dips and consumer complains * Explain deadlock