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Senior Technical Specialist was asked...March 8, 2012

Implement Elevator operations. 1. Close Door. 2. Go up. 3. Go Down 4. Go Down. Sample Input and Output was provided, you have to implement it.

2 Answers


Can u explain how!?


How my past experience would benefit me to do the position I was applying for.

1 Answers

My experience was relevant to the job that I applied.


We played a version of twenty questions designed to show the applicant's ability to zero in on the root cause

1 Answers

I was able to narrow the field down in two guesses


Have you ever been in conflict with anyone from your last workplace and what did you do to resolve your issues with them?

1 Answers

The most difficult question I was asked was whether I have encountered any conflicts on my last work. It was difficult because I didn't have a good answer for it since I didn't get into really serious feuds with my past colleagues. The answer I gave was that if ever we do get into conflicts, work wise, we try to talk it out (one on one or during meetings) and try to resolve them and focus on getting our tasks done. Less


Any complex situation in your Project and how you deal with it.

1 Answers

I had gone through multiple complex situation, so I was able to answer easily.


Explain your experiences listed on your resume and how they related to the position here?

1 Answers

What was your answer? (Optional)


VC++ Program, Implement Smart Pointer class with Reference counting.

1 Answers

Defined and Implmented Smart pointer with reference count logic.


What is one thing you thought you would have done on a specific timeline that went past your estimated end date?

1 Answers

Invest money into stocks/bonds for my children to benefit when I pass.


There were several questions designed to determine how quickly I could pick up new skills

1 Answers

My experience showed that I was able to pick up new skills and adapt to new technologies Less


In what instances a company has high profit but low cash balance?

1 Answers

I gave 2 scenarios :)

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