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Senior Technical Support Specialist was asked...October 8, 2014

Have you ever been in conflict with anyone from your last workplace and what did you do to resolve your issues with them?

1 Answers

The most difficult question I was asked was whether I have encountered any conflicts on my last work. It was difficult because I didn't have a good answer for it since I didn't get into really serious feuds with my past colleagues. The answer I gave was that if ever we do get into conflicts, work wise, we try to talk it out (one on one or during meetings) and try to resolve them and focus on getting our tasks done. Less


In what instances a company has high profit but low cash balance?

1 Answers

I gave 2 scenarios :)

Risk Strategies

Basic questions pertaining to the role.

1 Answers

With my knowledge of my field.

Digital Storm

"An angry customer says his computer isn't working. What would you do first?"

1 Answers

im so sorry that it has stoped working so can you please tell me what has stoped working and we can fix this right now Less


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

1 Answers

A skilled professional imbued with desirable values, whom also contributes to the company (NetSuite) with utmost diligence in achieving the company's goals and objectives. Less

Raytheon Technologies

Was I willing to work second or third shift?

1 Answers

I said that I was interested in the opportunity to work any shift


Test de logica

1 Answers

Te hacen test de lógica orales procesados que no tienen ningún sentido.


What do you think you will find most difficult about fulfilling the criteria of this job?

1 Answers

I had less technical expertise than the job was looking for but I answered honestly and said that I was happy to learn/attend training. Less

Owl Labs

I was asked to explain one task in basic terms so that anyone could follow the directions.

1 Answers

I used my process for making French Press coffee since I'm such a coffee nerd.

IMAGINiT Technologies

Why do you want to take on this role?

1 Answers

I have always enjoyed the technology and helping customers.

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