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the one i remember quite well because it seemed to be a trick question was "does rain reflect or absorb an RF signal"

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i was offered a job and have regretted saying yes every day of my life and im way past it

Indeed, take it or leave it. Echostar does not offer any flexibility on vacation or sick time even though, to many, this benefit is more valuable than money. (Simply incomprehensible to upper management) Ask for what you need in the interview process because you probably won't be making much more several years later. Now, here are some good team/people/yada yada - this is just a response to negotiation.

What is you pay expectations?

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The manager I interviewed with queried me about my experiences in telecommunications and my duties with the company I was leaving to come to National Semiconductor. After that the conversation changed to our military experiences.

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Was asked repeatedly what my qualifications were.

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An example of troubleshooting circuit boards

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What type of tree would you be? How heavy is a bridge?

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When I was sitting in on the process as one of the interviewers, one colleague asked, "What animal are you most similar to?

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What did I expect to gain out of the position offered.

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What farm animal would you choose to live as if you could?

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