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Senior IT Technician/IT Manager was asked...September 2, 2017

The wifi doesn't work properly. And for every basic test I could think of, they answered that it proved all was fine but still it didn't work.

3 Answers

At the end I said there are more important matters than a broken access point, I would just change it, with a different model and everybody could focus on their real job instead of wasting time (Don't answer that, they wanted someone as talented as themselves to manage their LAN) Less

To be fair to the company, in this scenario it doesn't sound very much like the role was for you. I would totally expect a 'Senior IT Technician/Manager' to troubleshoot basic network problems and resolve them without swapping the hardware. Perhaps working in a technical networked environment is outside your current skillset. Less

Nick, were you there to know what were my answers? It seems so, according to your certainty. I think my answers did troubleshoot basic network problems, as you said. But they wanted a specialist. In such roles, reliably and cost go above pride. You learn to put efficiency above time consuming pride when you are in charge of the whole IT. I installed hundreds of wifi AP in my careers, the answers I gave Yoti always were enough to provide really good service. At the end I said if I can't find, there's no point in wasting more time, Yoti is not a wifi provider and has more important tasks. Money matters, this role would include budget management. When I installed a wifi service for small companies, it worked for years. The next time I'll install one, I would learn for the latest standards: so much changes in 2 years. No need to be a wifi specialist for a small company, and it's easy to re-learn it when it becomes necessary, with updated literature. For your information, their solution was awful, I would never use it unless I'm bored at work and need time consuming tasks, which never exists when alone for the IT Administration of 170 colleagues. But if they like spending time on settings again and again, it's their business. Less


take this pen and write the code in BASH to read a CSV file, take the 3rd column and print it in uppercases

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I didn't know by heart the functions for reading CSV files and uppercase. I said in Systems Administration, we don't write code everyday, our code works for months, even years. And it's not secure to write a script from scratch, since we can't think about everything before going back to the IT Support. I usually take a good script from the internet, read all of it, adapt what needs be. Less

'I usually take a good script from the internet' does not sound like something somebody experienced in a command language would say. This exercise is extremely basic, one I would expect to find within the first few pages of a tutorial on learning bash with zero experience needed. Perhaps you should not put a command language on your CV if you are not confident in its most basic applications. Less

You have totally the same spirit as them. Great. Never said they were wrong. I'm pretty sure of my skill with those language as my programs were always reliable and secure and even taught them for a few years at university. I simply dont need them on a daily basis when in charge for the IT. I'd remember more easily how to secure an OS for a job interview. Less

What type of tree would you be? How heavy is a bridge?

1 Answers

on the tree anything, for the bridge question show them how you'd go about figuring it out Less

Emirates Global Aluminium

they asked how i would handle a medical case

2 Answers

What do they do in the pre-employment test.. And please do brief about it..

i describe to them the actions i would take step by step.

Dell Technologies

A customer powers on their computer. The fans spin for a brief moment, then it shuts off. What steps would you take to solve this issue?

2 Answers

Give a step by step thought process on how you would troubleshoot the problem. They're not looking for a specific answer, just to understand the way that you think. Less

Interviewed 6 FAANG employees and got this:

Memorial Sloan Kettering

If there are 7 people with 7 children and 7 dogs how many legs are in total?

2 Answers


Dogs= 4*7=28 Kids= 2*7=14 People=2*7=14 Total=56 =)

University of Northumbria

There was a scenario question about handling priorities and what you would do.

2 Answers

Used customer service skills to placate user; contact colleagues etc

Hello, I hope you are well. May I know the salary they were willing to offer for the position you applied related to the SCCM? Regards Less


Why you resigned your previous company (until 4 company)

2 Answers

As normal

I Accidentally fell down and broke my leg . So, I decided to resign from the job for full recovery. Now, I can walk without problem. Less

The Emirates Group

Did you make a mistake in your job ever ? if yes please describe

2 Answers



Daniels Health

why do you want to work here?

2 Answers

I need money!?

Daniels lacks integrity

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