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Senior IT Analyst was asked...July 26, 2012

An optimist calls the glass half full, a pessimest says it's half empty. What does an engineer call it?

2 Answers

There is 120 ml water in the glass !

the glass is two times larger than required.

UnitedHealth Group

Think of a difficult question and plan your response ahead of time. For example, have your ever implemented a project and found defects?

2 Answers

Defect? Never in my life!

It is better to admit that you have and describe how your methods have improved than to pretend like you've never had a defect. Less

Live Nation Entertainment

How to account for accrued expense?

2 Answers

Debit expense account, credit accrued expense account

Expense accrued but unpaid. Duh! Accounting 101.


Was asked about my background

1 Answers

Went into detail of my 10+ years in a similar industry supporting the EXACT software they use only to be told that they are so unique that only someone who has worked for thier direct competitor would be acceptable. Less


They asked if I had any problems following a set process.

1 Answers

I did not have a problem following a set process.


Situational Question in terms of project

1 Answers

Mentioned the way I will handle the situation and they seemed to be satisfied

Asseco Group

draw workflow chart about last big project

1 Answers

i had drawn flow chart and explained specifically

Neovia Logistics Services

Basic technical questions to check how confident and willing are you.

1 Answers

I answered the technical questions and was selected.

General Mills

There was a question about Java configuration: whether I have ever done it?

1 Answers

Mostly i had access to configuration teams or actual configuration work was contracted out. Less

Goldman Sachs

About resume

1 Answers

Everything that was mentioned in ky resume with the problem solving skills

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