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Why did you leave your last job

1 Answer

Reduction in force

How does your unique history match our job requirements

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You do have a great background for this role, and I'm going to refer you to the hiring manager for a second interview. If you are not selected for this role, are there any other positions within Ameriprise that you would like to be under consideration for? If you do see any other open positions that you are interested in, please let me know and I will refer your application to those hiring managers as well.

What do you do when your business partners disagree on how to approach a business problem when there is a need for them to share the solution?

What are your long-term career/growth goals?

You mentioned your friends also work at Ameriprise - do they work in this business line as well? Did someone share this particular role with you, or just advise you about their positive work experiences with Ameriprise in general?

Several scenario questions related to the team and their projects, fairly strategic and detailed.

Are you actively seeking new opportunities, or did this position catch your eye for a specific reason?

The main one was a case study you have to prepare. You have 60 mins from the time they give you the paper till you have to write it on the board. Prepare in advance what ever you need to write on the board and plan the real estate board space because you will run out. Wow them on the first impression.

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You're still with your current employer - is that a consultant role, or full time? What are you currently doing at your current employer?

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