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finad all plaindromes ina string.

2 Answers

i couldn't really come up with decent code for this, and i think this was the turning point in the interview which otherwise was going alright.

vector findAllPalindrome ( string str) { vector stack; vector result; string buff = ""; int len = str.length(); if (len == 0) return result; stack.push_back(str[0]); for (int i = 1; i<len; ++i) { if (str[i] == stack.back()) { buff.insert(0,str[i]); buff.push_back(str[i]); result.push_back(buff); stack.pop_back(); } else { int buffLen = buff.length(); for (int j = 0; j< buffLen; ++j) { stack.push_back(buff[j]); } stack.push_back(str[i]); } } return result; }

General information about my work history, and the kinds of things I had worked on in the past.

1 Answer

While waiting for my telephone interview and sitting here for 23 minutes, I went on and researched the company. It turns out the company is notorious for being late on telephone interviews and I have read over some very bad experiences from other candidates.

1 Answer

What would be your ideal job?

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Presented with scenarios, and ask to offer solutions. Mostly interested in your approach, not the solution.

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The answer given was a possible solution. The answer the interviewer wanted involved Reflection.

Data structures & algorithms, test framework and tools