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Chrysalis (EZ Vidya)
Senior Manager - Training was asked...August 10, 2016

regarding my previous work

1 Answers

described my accomplishments


Did I have issues with previous bosses in the past regarding my indentity

1 Answers

No I didn. I have read and always been told not to discuss past bosses on interviews. Not sure if this was a trick question, but I said I didnt because I did not want to go there. Less


How would you manage the different learning needs of global target audience and do you have a similar experience in the past?

1 Answers

Yes, experience interacting with client and peers in US and EU while handling a global phase 3 trial. My abilities in active listening and problem solving helps me engage and satisfy global audience better. Less

Frontier Communications

Why are you better than the other applicants for this position?

1 Answers

"I haven't met any of the other applicants, but I doubt many of them have as much experience as I do." Less


They asked a lot of questions about failed projects and things that didn't go well. In fact, most of the interview seemed to be focused on failures. No questions on how I can actually help them with the issues they are facing.

1 Answers

Honestly and directly with some context around the nature of the organizations I worked for. They think all non-Amazon companies are the same and don't grasp how behaviors can vary by the workplace environment. Less


All related to Amazon Leaderhip Framework

1 Answers

Some interviewers do not understand the Amazon Leadership Framework


Tell me about your experience?

1 Answers

Provided the highlights.

Dufresne Spencer Group

How would you describe your leadership style?

1 Answers

Communicative & a great listener.

Nektar Therapeutics

Tell me more about your experience with a clinical study?

1 Answers

What have been challenges in your previous roles and how did you overcome them?


Why do you want to work at Amgen? Thought it might be a trick question.

1 Answers

Very successful company with great people and I want to bring my family back to Southern California. Less

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