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How do you resolve an issue between the fixed business requirements and the ability of a system?

1 Answer

The impossible answer to see how quickly you will fold on your principles.

Write a bind method that implements function currying

1 Answer

Write a contains function in javascript

3 Answers

Q. How to ensure that a string contains equal opening and closing brackets {([])}

1 Answer

Write the HTML and backend code to a login page.

1 Answer

Logic questions like how to find out the capacity of a bus to hold golf balls.

Which frameworks I like the best and why. Also which ones I'd like to learn and would recommend. What career path I'd like for myself, and what I'd be interested in working on in the future. I already do full stack development so I conveyed my excitement to work on anything and everything!

1 Answer

Replicate a layout and some functionality (js, css, html). Then solve a functional coding problem.

Whiteboard coding question: return first character that has been listed once in input string.

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