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Senior User Experience Researcher Interview Questions


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Why are you interested in working for us? You were an Instructor (per your resume)?? Where you qualified for that? How?

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I pointed to relevant entry in my resume (I have a PhD and was an instructor, which is basic knowledge of academia 101: PhDs can teach! That was news to my interviewer)

Asked to design a UX study to get feedback on a web page (30 minutes to prep) and then run a usability session.

During the interview, they asked surprisingly simple questions relating to UX design, to the point where I was wondering whether they were trick questions. I felt that I was not able to showcase my UX knowledge and experiences, even though I tried to squeeze as much complexity and depth into my answers. Needless to say, the surprising simplicity of the questions made me a bit nervous, so I did not do as well as I could have if the questions were more engaging, intriguing, and complex. Further, because my resume was drafted to the job description, it in fact turned out to not be addressing the actual needs of the company in relation to this specific position, but instead-- a little bit of everything. I was asked why my resume was not updated, only to have to explain the situation, and how it was not a fault of mine.

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Have you ever been in a position to advocate a product?

What is the difference between (UX) attitudinal and behavioral measures?

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Behavioral interview questions. Some very specific.

What was the challenge you face in previous job and how you overcame it?

Imagine twitter released something that is not doing as well as expected. What would you do?

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