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Your standard behavioral question - tell me about a time you failed, when you had to correct a coworker and how you did it, when you had to tell someone a harsh truth, a time you completed a project, etc. All questions are used to test you competency in Amazon's 14 Leadership Principles, so I made sure I had solid examples for each leadership principle and were able to tie my experiences to those principles. Most interviews aren't going to hit it right on the nose - "tell me about a time you demonstrated a bias for action", etc. Instead, they want to hear about your experiences and it's up to you to make sure you explain how the results fit within Amazon's culture.

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Again, make sure you answers address their 14 principles. Make sure you've got plenty of tough questions prepared in advance, they want you to test them as much as they test you. Read up on the most recent Shareholder letter, the 97 shareholder letter, and if you've got time, read The Everything Store.

are you right a lot?

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give me an example for each one of the company's leadership principals

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STAR questions, be prepare to repeat yourself as they asked similar questions.

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As a buyer, how would you grow our department/category?

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How would you keep full stock at all times

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I signed an NDA. But most of them were typical behavioral & situational questions.

Some internal jargon about how would you rank vendors based on the reams of data collected on customer orders. Gave her a good answer on this one but she wanted more and more and more. Then no reaction - onto next Q.

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