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In the end of the interview, as we all had laptops out, the Creative Director started doing emails and working on a design problem his team was facing, and then asked me and his Visual Designer about it.

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I love that kind of question, but I was going into a very specific problem with no knowledge, and couldn't really problem solve. Would have been fun to have a design related problem actually be a part of the interview.

Can you recall a challenge you faced at work and how you overcame it?

What type of design work did I want to be doing in 5 years.

Tell us about your experience, what you've been doing.

They asked about my salary expectation and how much I'm currently making. Why I want to work for them. Standard stuff nothing too hard.

* Asked about my background * Asked me to talk through my portfolio

Why are you interested in working at Estée Lauder Companies?

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