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Design a ring buffer

1 Answer

Use one off the shelf from the STL or boost! (not what he had in mind for an answer)

Too many questions were asked to put anything here. They wasted a lot of my time.

1 Answer

You need to change a setting on a computer, but you don't have physical access. What approaches might you take?

1 Answer

There were no difficult or unexpected questions in this interview. Not sure if the waiting was part of the interview or just bad time management.

Given a SAX parser interface, implement the interface so as to remove duplicate XML tags. Ex. // input: textbold bold again
the end
// output: textbold bold againthe end

Give me an example of a project you felt you failed in.

In C++ Write a function that finds the highest 4 numbers in an unordered list of integers in O(n) time.

Write a function that takes two sorted vectors and merges them into a third de-duped sorted vector.

What SQL command would you issue to perform a complete integrity check?

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