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Determine the number of 1's in binary representation of integer.

How do you represent an unlimited dimensional maze and traverse it to find the exit.

Since you are working in design, not every design you make will work out. How are you going to deal with a situation where your team's design fails and costs the company?

Initial questions about HBA and difference between LAN and WAN. Series of questions about Servers and SAN arrays and the fiber channel switches. How would you handle clients/customers who seems upset?

1)Assume Threaded Environment, what can go wrong in code and how to fix it. -your given a main, interface, and a global final static variable 2)Overriding ArrayList equal operator I believe? -Basically in main you add an object- array.add(new object(3,4)), then attempt to remove - array.remove(new object(3,4)). -You can't edit the main, so you have to override the equals operator in ArrayList in the class method 3)Overriding Hashmap equal operator and hashcode -Similar logic, you cant edit the main so edit the method. 4)Threading questions, basically a this.wait() -Did not get a good look at this question, but review your Operating Systems. Has to do with thread locking i believe (rusty myself here need to look over it) 5)Write out the ArrayList class. -Write out the ArrayList data structure -getsize -addElement -Remove Element -One more which I forgot -This question is actually very easy but a little time consuming, I did not get to it sadly

Standard windows server questions and how you handle confrontation.

Asked to rotate a string in place given an index number (on site interview with 2 engineers).

Give an algorithm for identifying objects from a video. What about in a stil image?

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