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Server Engineer was asked...March 16, 2023

DSA code/concepts and resume based questions.

Soft Gear

General questions about what is on your resume and what you could bring to the company.

Amazon Web Services

All interviews on Amazon are based on Amazon Leadership Principles.

1 Answers

I tried to answer in the most honest way, did not try to oversell myself, perhaps they would expect more confidence, more energy, more brightness Less

Veritex Community Bank

Types of questions: Technical & Situational

Hewlett Packard Enterprise | HPE

Tell Me about Yourself Why Should we hire you for the job

Symbiosis Network

What Is VLAN? Types Of VLAN Types Of LAN How Does LAN Switches Work What Is VLAN Network? What Is Native VLAN? Switching Modes What Is Storage? What Is Object Storage? What Is Block Storage? Block Level Storage

Future Games of London

Java Questions ----------------------- Difference between Method overloading and overriding Difference between Stack and Heap and follow up questions on garbage collection Major and Minor GC Pauses How does HashMap work ? Scenario : If there is a use case where multiple processes are using hashmap, what consideration would you make? Difference between checked and unchecked exceptions, when would you use each of that ? REST APIs ------------------- Difference between PUT and POST request How do you keep updating the leaderboard for the players ? How do you handle latency issues when your players are across different time zones ? The project that you’re most proud of ? The project that failed and you felt bad for it ?


How important is the culture and mission of a company to you?

1 Answers

It's important right up to the point I have to pay my bills.


python or fav language questions, kubernetes components, linux core and networking.


Typical algorithm and tech questions. Nothing super hard or uncommon.

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