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Why should we hire you with no previous job experience?

3 Answers

Pues porque aveces tienen más experiencia los que no han trabajado que los que trabajan y sacan curso

I will give it a try and see how much I can do it for the best everytime and the rest of the time for me to bring it to your beliefs are still on for tomorrow night guided by the way to make it work

I'm worth it for the next two of the three weeks ago and it is still a good time

where have you worked?

2 Answers

What interested you in joining the team at LSF?

2 Answers

why do you want to work for us

2 Answers

Say a client has a choice between a high end catering company and a middle end catering company, and she chose to go with the high end company. what should the client expect the high end company to provide over the middle end company?

2 Answers

Give and example of when you have gone above and beyond at work?

2 Answers

Are you willing to work all weekends and holidays?

2 Answers

What is one of your strengths?

2 Answers

Are you able to multitask?

1 Answer
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