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What would you do if a customer orders a meal and they dislike it?

1 Answer

If a customer orders a meal and they do not like it, I would definitely ask them for feedback on what made the meal unappetizing to them and try to ask questions as to what kinds of foods they like to find something they would better be suited with. I would also make sure to get a manager involved, as they can do a lot more in a situation like this than a server can.

If a customer came in and asked if you had a specific item they no longer have on the menu, and we don't have the right ingredients to make it, what would you do?

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How would you describe your attitude towards guests who are not always pleasant?

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What do you know about vegan, gluten free, kosher, etc diets?

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They asked if I had fine dining experience

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Tell me about a time where you contributed to the success to your department.

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What is the funniest thing that has happened to you recently?

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How would you cut a rectangular cake into two equal pieces when a rectangular piece has already been cut out of it? The cut piece can be of any size and orientation. You are only allowed to make one straight cut.

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How to discover if the given number is Power of 2 ?

4 Answers

How can you specify a client or member server to communicate with a specific DC upon startup?

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