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Part-time Sales Advisor was asked...August 10, 2015

Which one of these 3 places would be our competition and why best buy, food for less or forever 21?

3 Answers

Forever 21 , retail store with similar trending outfits and low prices

Forever 21 considering the demographic and consumer you are reaching to. Best Buy is more for electronic consumers as well as food for less is for those who seek food, both forever 21 and H&M are the only establishments on this list who specialize in distributing the same merchandise thus making H&M a possible competition . Less

H&M is brand that people can come to and try better outfits than Forever 21. Out of the three that is been selected to be H&M’s competition would Forever 21 since it’s on the trending list of 2018 where H&M is also apart that trend but it makes a even harder decision for a customer to choose between the two. For my standards I’d go with H&M better options for a professional outfit and an actual fashion statement to start from. Less

U.S. Bank

Describe a time when you had to sell something.

2 Answers

I sold different parts for repairing vehicles

I sold insurance disability insurance


How would I handle an irate customer

2 Answers

First you listen to what the customer has to say. Second look to apologise to the customer. Thirdly reassure the customer with what you can do, and what you will do. Explain the things you cannot change or things that cannot be changed and why? Lastly summarise everything you've said with a confident, firm and reassure voice. Less

With patience and a calm, friendly voice.

Bank of America

Role play with interviewer. Interviewer calls you to invest in stock that was recommended by neighbor.

2 Answers

What is the interest and why is was clearly stated and are u already looking to try to invest a stock Less

It is your job to sell him on the idea of mutual funds. Ask him questions about his current situation, know the customer, understand asset allocation, understand diversification and give specific examples of why investing large amounts of money in one stock takes on a lot of risk. Less

University of Georgia

If you are meeting with a student who does not have the required GPA to get into Grady/Terry College, what would you do?

1 Answers

I would explain to him the requirements for the college and go over his options if they want to improve his GPA and apply later. I would also present him alternative areas of study. Less


If an employee that is supposed to take over your shift called out last minute what would you do?

1 Answers

I would ask my manager if I could stay overtime.

Kaplan University

Q: What is the most important aspect of academic advising?

1 Answers

The skill of real-listening. To hear each student from their perspective, briefly repeating their comments, followed by clarifying questions leading to exploratory areas which relate back to their concerns, needs or their pathways forward. Interview was just-right-difficult in the sense to be thought provoking. Less

Ross University School of Medicine

How do you work with other team members? (You will be working with your advisor team AND the team of registrars)

1 Answers

When I work in teams, I make sure that I'm reliable, communicative, and that I listen to everybody's ideas. It's important to ensure that everyone's ideas are taken into account so that we can all contribute and complete the task together. I am always willing to pitch in with help when needed and I try to be receptive to any suggestions from my teammates. Less


Why do you feel the skills you have acquired make you an excellent candidate?

1 Answers

The time I have spent in the federal government sector allows me to have a unique insight into the Information Technology needs of the government. Less

TDS Telecommunications

I was taken into another room with a phone where the manager "called" me and I was told to role play and try to sell TDS products. It was very difficult because I didn't know the products and basically had to just make stuff up. They also expect you to know top down selling

1 Answers

Top down selling is where you start with the most expensive product and offer everything they sell then back off if the person says no. Less

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