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If you have three people standing, all facing the same direction, each person can see the color of the hat of only the person directly in front of them (which can be either black or white). There are two hats of each color (four total). The hats are placed on the persons' heads one at a time, starting with the one in the very front. When someone knows for certain what color hat they have, they need to declare that they have discovered the color of their hat. In this scenario, no matter which hats are distributed, at least one person can be certain of their hat color. What are these scenarios, and what are the probability distributions for each?

3 Answers

the person which is standing in MIDDLE can answer correct. the reason is,since the last person is not answering the colour of his hat,it means he can see two different colours of hats in front of the person standing between them has to conclude that the colour of his hat would be just opposite of the person's hat,standing in front of him.

samar's answer would be correct if the problem allowed each person to see hats being worn by *ALL* people in front of them. However, the original question posted said "each person can see the color of the hat of *ONLY* the person *DIRECTLY* in front of them." I think the original question was incorrectly worded. As it is stated, I don't think anyone can know the color of their hat, since nobody has more than one piece of information to start with.

There is also the problem of assuming the hat are placed on the head of each in alternate colors otherwise, the last person would see 2 of the same color in front of him thus giving him the solution to his color, providing the person sees both person in front of him as well

Are you willing to start at the bottom?

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How do you feel about higher education?

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Nothing comes to mind. Pretty casual.

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The same questions over and over.......What was a time when you had an irate customer and how did you handle it? over and over and over

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if I could seperate being a tech from an advisor

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What experience you have

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One question was how many days I had missed in a certain period of time at my current job.

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What would your manager say about you?

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I did not have any unexpected questions asked. Everything was pretty straightforward

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