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Are you an introvert or extrovert?

3 Answers

im an extrovert coz i loved to explore things.mingle with different kinds of people and i know to handle and talk to different types of people.types such as manners and attittude towars someone

Introvert. Dont want to associate other human beings. But rather I enjoy myself reading books.

definitely i'm an introvert type of person. i'm not good at talking when it comes to stranger. i only love reading books and writing essays but my extrovert side comes out when a person approaches me without hesitation. i can handle peple's manner and attitude but not as strong as the others. :)

what do you think the job of service crew?

2 Answers

Tell me a little about your self? Is having a baby a big issue on your shift?

1 Answer

Have you had any experience with the foodservice industry?

Why you want to work for Chipotle? What can you bring to the table? Are you looking for a full-time job? Where you will be two years from today if hired?

Why do you want to work for Wendy's?

1 Answer

Am I legally able to work here in US?

1 Answer

Questions were asked when I turned in my application but there was no interview.

Describe a time when you intercepted a disgruntled customer and how you diffused the situation.

what are your strengths?

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