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Name the layers of the OSI Model.

1 Answer

physical - data link - network - transport - session - presentation - application

Draw and explain how their product works.

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How would you calculate the mark-to-market of a standard swap transaction?

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Q: Tell me about a problem you encountered on a previous project and how you handled/solved it.

General questions about my current position and duties.

Explain a time where you had to deal with a difficult customer

Test call. How would you respond to a customer that is trying to get insurance service?

Basic stuff.Tell me about yourself. Tell me about your process improvement skills. It seemed easy for me but I know many others failed to impress from what I was told later.

Situation Based Questions Walk me through your experience What skills can you bring to Bartech

Just went over your background and your goals to see how you would apply yourself to the role.

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